Recommendation List #4
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Best Australian Game 2011 Winner Print E-mail

This year, there was a clear winner combining charm, game play and value, which is....




Designed by Tim Roediger, and published by Gamewright, Dweebies has the simple idea of collecting as many Dweebies as you can before they all run out.


The rules and play of this card game are very straightforward, and will immediately feel familiar to anyone from age 6 to 96. The game itself though is not like any other, as on your turn you add a card to the free-form evolving grid of cards on the table. The basic idea is to collect cards, each of which features a Dweebie. After you have played a card, if there is a matching Dweebie at each end of a row or column, then you collect all the cards in that row or column.

Our playtesters came back with comments such as:

"Really fun."


"We’ve laughed a lot every time we’ve played it."

"This was requested time and time again."


The artwork by Christopher Lee adds a lot to the pleasure of playing the game. Everyone will come to have their favourite Dweebie, be it Scientist Dweebie, Surfing Dweebie, Bunny suit Dweebie, or Pirate Dweebie! Furthermore, the game comes in a metal tin, which makes it great to throw in your bag when you go on holidays.


Available widely, often for under $20, we think that Dweebies is a game that should be in every Australian family's game cupboard!

The games on the Best Australian Game shortlist are all designed by Australians, and most are published in Australia. Dweebies is an exception, being published by the large US publisher Gamewright.

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Latest news!


CanCon in on Saturday the 24th of January 2015, Sunday the 25th and Monday the 26th (Australia Day).

This long-running games convention is held in Canberra, in the Exhibition Park (EPIC).

General entry is free and there will be lots of board and card games as well as wargaming with miniatures.

More details on the website


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