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Australian Game Distributors Print E-mail

The major Australian distributors are:


Jedko Games
134 Cochranes Rd
Moorabbin VIC 3189
tel +61 3 9559 5200

Ventura Games
Unit 5, 32 Lilian Fowler Place
Marrickville NSW 2204
tel +61 2 9517 2288

Unit 24, 193 South Pine Rd,
Brendale Qld 4500 Australia
tel +61 7 3205 7336
fax +61 7 3205 8252

Even Toys & Games
9 Crouch Ave, Bongaree
QLD 4507 Australia
tel +61 7 3410 0734
fax +61 7 3410 0736

Modern Brands
Level 1, 122-126 Old Pittwater Road,
Brookvale, NSW 2100 Australia
tel 1800 675 772
fax 1800 649 982


Latest news!

Free web addresses for games groups!

The Hobart Games society (HoGS)  have taken the domain They're keen to offer  gamessociety. info subdomains for free to any other boardgames societies to help promote gaming in Australia. They're happy to register any games societies with a subdomain of the form: yourgamesclub. gamessociety. info. Contact HoGS at for further details.

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