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Hobby Links

There are lots of places you can go to find out more about boardgames.


Parents please note: These sites are generally built for adults and some
        of the discussion may not be suitable for children, however much they
        may love boardgames. Parental guidance is recommended.

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1   Link   Boardgame Geek
The premier site on the Internet for information about boardgames. It contains a comprehensive catalogue of boardgames, and includes forums for registered users to discuss the games.
2   Link   Kid Game Rating
Collects reviews and information about children's games, from BoardGameGeek and directly from its users.
3   Link   BoardGame News
Presents news about new boardgames and developments in boardgaming, as well as regular articles from a diverse range of contributors.
4   Link   The Dice Tower
Great if you prefer to listen to material about games rather than read, as this is a podcast site with up-to-date information.
5   Link   Games for Educators
This site has lots of resources for parents, teachers and librarians about the use of games in education.

Latest news!

MOAB 2014
MOAB 2014

Saturday 4th to Monday 6th October 2014.

MOAB, short for Mother Of All Battles, is a three day gaming event held annually over the October long weekend at the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club, which is located in the Sutherland Shire, 25km south of Sydney, Australia. Entry into the convention is free, and we offer a range of games and activities including a new Board Game Library, competition wargames, free participation and demo games, trade stalls, and our popular Bring & Buy which was a feature at last years CanCon.

This year we are dedicating the Monday to board games and card games, including free game mastered sessions of Zombicide and Castle Ravenloft, and a Magic the Gathering Khans of Tarkir draft.

Presented by The Southern Battle Gamers.

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